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    Leaky Gut and Candida – the Chicken or the Egg?

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    The question of Leaky Gut and Candida comes up quite a bit in both my personal practice and from my online readers.

    Sufferers want to know if Leaky Gut and Candida are somehow related and which one causes the other.

    The truth is that the two are oftentimes related and go hand in hand but they are two entirely different issues to begin with. And either one can easily lead to the other.

    You see, Candida refers to the overgrowth of a specific species of yeast within the digestive tract which if left untreated can and will continue to create intestinal inflammation and dysbiosis that leads to Leaky Gut Syndrome.

    But the opposite can be true as well. With the onset of Leaky Gut Syndrome and corresponding imbalance of gut flora, your digestive tract can become prime breeding ground for Candida and other invasive organisms.

    In either case, it’s always related to the imbalance of gut flora within the digestive tract.

    Candida – The Opportunistic Organism

    Most people don’t realize this but Candida is naturally present in your gut. We all have it. In fact, we couldn’t survive without it.

    If this is true then why does it cause so many problems for so many people?

    The truth is that Candida is what is called an opportunistic organism. In a healthy gut, it lives under control and balance with the beneficial bacteria within your digestive tract.

    The problem however occurs when the natural balance of yeast and bacteria within the gut is disrupted which is typically the result of a loss of beneficial bacteria. And when there is no beneficial bacteria left to police and balance the Candida, then a dysbiosis develops and the Candida is given the opportunity to overgrow and take over which is when the problems begin to occur.

    There are many reasons as to why Candida is given the opportunity to overgrow. Most commonly it’s related to one or more of the follow…

    • Over-use of Antibiotics
    • Poor Diet
    • Pathogenic Infection

    Leaky Gut and Candida – A Much Bigger Systemic Problem

    Candida can cause some issues when it begins to take over and overgrow in the gut. But much bigger problems arises when you develop Leaky Gut and Candida is able to pass through the intestinal barrier into your blood stream and become systemic.

    Once Candida becomes systemic, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage and control. It can literally affect any part of your body and is a common cause of…

    • Chronic Jock Itch
    • Chronic Athlete’s Foot
    • Nail Fungus
    • Chronic Yeast Infections
    • Thrush or White Coated Tongue
    • Dandruff
    • and other fungal related issues

    Why is this so important to understand?

    Because if you’re dealing with any of these issues above then you’re likely not going to get any relief until you begin to fix the underlying cause of the problem instead of treating the symptom.

    Most people with these issues are constantly using topical solutions, creams, drops, and shampoos which may provide temporary relief but once you stop, the infection comes right back.

    This is because you have to fix the underlying cause which is really the overgrowth of Candida in the gut that is leaking through the intestinal barrier and feeding the infection from the inside. Otherwise treating the infection from the outside isn’t going to work long term.

    Overcoming Leaky Gut and Candida

    So how does one overcome Leaky Gut and Candida once it has become systemic?

    I have gotten the best long term results with Candida infections using specific dietary modifications to help starve off the Candida. But that’s not the end of the fight because you still have to heal your Leaky Gut, close up your intestinal barrier, and rebalance your gut flora. Otherwise the Candida will just overgrow and leak through the intestinal barrier again and continue to be a systemic issue. And you’ll be right back where you started.

    I will note that there are some natural herbal supplements that can help but alone these are not the answer because supplements alone will not work long term without the necessary dietary modifications.

    And oftentimes the supplements can be too harsh causing severe die off reactions which can really stress the liver and body and be counter-productive to healing.

    Because Leaky Gut and Candida are so commonly found together and tend to feed off each other, I have included a separate guide specifically for Candida and other pathogenic organisms in my Leaky Cure Program.

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  • Karin, thank you so much for discussing a way out of these two conditions! It is so frustrating when you know you are dealing with more than 2 conditions and your therapist just keeps ignoring one or more. Thanks for the encouragement! Take care, Sabine

  • Thank you for shedding light on this terrible two-some!.. I have been down this road and share the Symptoms with everyone I can. Please continue your great work. Dan

  • Thank you for the informative way you explained Candida and the root cause. Your program works. I’m impatient and want instant results, my symptoms were so severe that it’s going to take time to repair and heal. Your work is healing lives. Yvonne

  • Its amazing how you can describe exactly what I’m going through with both of these problems. Thank goodness you are providing this information in the accessible way that you do because its next to impossible to find a doctor to treat this.

  • HI Dan how long did it take you to over come this dreadful irritable condition.
    i have only been diagnosed with LGS after 12 years of visiting doctors, skin
    specialist ect.
    I am about to start the leaky gut program, but just reading up about Candida
    i feel i have this to ( jock itch, nail infection ) any way how did you go and
    how do you feel now Graham

  • Hey graham. The doctors don’t know a thing about this disease or refuse to acknowledge it all. Here’s the top must do list… Drop kick all sugars processed foods and starches including bread. Go on the Paleo diet. Overdose your self with probiotics. Natural and expensive name brands only…no cheap probiotics. Get a series of colonics… Great way to start the cleansing of your gut. Highly recommend it. This website has great info so don’t be scared of subscribing to it….good luck ask me more if needed. Dan

  • Baking soda and apple cider vinegar……anyone drink this combo in a glass of water?

  • Does this kill off yeast? I’ve been suffereing for years and trying to heal my gut and still have lots of yeast, bacteria, and other issues. I’ve been doing Paleo for 3 years with no fruit at all and taking lots of probiotics. Do you find ferments or yogurt to be more effective than pill form? Please help!

  • Been suffering for 20 years last 10 have been healing orginally have Ulcerative Colitis, Bowel disease and now cleared of disease. 10 years ago treated with flagyl and diclamine, which had given me severe candida and gas ulcers. Now still suffering from inflamation of the intestines which I suffer head to toe and have skin irritation. My female organs and areas are chronically inflamed or candida, but will not show on any tests, my Genecologist has been supporting me for the last 10 years from these symptoms.

  • danielle brigandi

    thanks very helpful

  • Candida has inflamed nerves in my feet. Reacts violently to sugar.,
    Am trying desperately to avoid yeast and all processed foods but eat out so much. Any home remedies anyone can recommend to go with pro biotics and what do you mean by colonics?? Buy at store??? Do not know where to go to get one administered. Thx

  • All, After diet changes such as sugar, packaged foods and bread restrictions, supplement with garlic pills when you rise in the morning – at 30 minutes before you eat. Garlic will help destroy Candida overgrowth. If you are restricting your diet, within a few days of taking garlic supplements you should start to see the yellowing disappear under your toe nails. This is a good sign you are in recovery, but don’t relax, maintain the diet and garlic pills. Disclaimer: this is non-professional advice, consult a dietitian. -Tim

  • How will I know when my candida and leaky gut are under control I am following the Leaky Gut Program from Karen? And they are right main stream medical doctor’s do not have a clue!

  • @Tim…how much mg. Of garlic is recommended and how often? Thank you!

  • Thanks much for shedding light on a problematic issue that some (or many) doctors don’t understand—and neither did I. My PMD suggested a food allergy + low does of steroids which I didn’t want to start with. As a child I was often sickly and subject to episodes of antibiotics. Little did I know that those meds lay the groundwork for my leaky gut and candida issues today. Your info helps me to grasp just what is happening to my body and how to correct it. Hope is not lost!

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