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    Detoxing Your Body and How It Can Hurt Your Health

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    In recent years, detoxing your body has become quite the trend. Now there are countless numbers of detox kits or cleanses on the market all touting the many health benefits of removing toxins from the body. Even celebrities are talking about how they detox and all of the amazing benefits they’ve experienced.

    But is detoxing your body right for everyone?

    The answer is absolutely not.

    In fact, trying to force your body to detoxify can have many negative effects on your health.

    And when you suffer from Leaky Gut Syndrome, detoxing your body can easily make your symptoms worse by taxing your already congested liver even more.

    Your Liver’s Role In Detoxing Your Body

    As you probably already know, your liver plays many extremely important roles in your body. One role it serves is as a filter which is responsible for metabolizing or breaking down toxins so that they can be properly disposed of by excreting them from your body. But remember, these toxins have to be first processed by your liver before they can be disposed of.

    Because we live in a society that is literally full of toxins everywhere you look, it is becoming more and more difficult for your liver to keep up with the growing number of toxins you encounter on a daily basis.

    Toxic chemicals are in your…

    • Meat, vegetables, grains, and any other food
    • Soaps, shampoos, and conditioners
    • Toothpaste, deodorant, and other personal hygiene products
    • Makeup
    • Cleaning products
    • Carpet
    • Car
    • Water
    • Plastics
    • and the list goes on…

    So it’s easy to see how your liver is already working overtime to remove as many of these toxins as it can on a daily basis.

    And what your liver can’t keep up with gets stored away in your fat cells for future processing.

    Forced Detoxification

    Using cleanses and other detox promoting supplements is a way of forcefully detoxing your body or what I refer to as forced detoxification.

    And forced detoxification causes your body to re-release these toxins back into your system to be properly processed by your liver and excreted. And because many of these toxins are stored in your fat cells, detoxing your body this way has become a big fat loss fad.

    But what nobody stops to consider is that your liver is already backed up and congested which is why it stored those toxins away in the first place.

    Instead, these toxins are released out into your body which puts a significant stress on your body and will make your chronic symptoms even worse. And this can have serious negative effects on your health depending on how congested your liver already is.

    So if you suffer from Leaky Gut Syndrome or any chronic symptom then you might want to consider this before assuming that detoxing your body is great and will only improve your health.

    Supporting Your Detox Pathways

    Instead of focusing on detoxification, you really should be focusing on supporting your detox pathways which will help improve your body’s ability to detoxify efficiently and remove the congestion of your liver.

    Without going into too much detail about all of the different detox pathways that exist in the body, there’s one major detox pathway that I like to focus on first which is your colon.

    You should be moving your bowels at least once a day and a big reason for this is because your body uses your colon to excrete many of these toxins. Otherwise, these toxins will literally float around your colon only to be re-absorbed into your body again, further congesting your liver.

    Detoxing Your Body Naturally

    The only time I will ever recommend forcefully detoxing your body is after your detox pathways have been cleared, your liver has had time to catch back up, and you are more than capable of properly processing all of the toxins that will be released into your body.

    And to do this, I always start with your diet.

    If you change your diet and follow a diet plan like I recommend in my Leaky Gut Cure program then you will not only be eliminating some major sources of toxins from your food but it will also help you to clear your colon and allow your digestive tract and liver to function much more efficiently.

    And this does take time which is why I recommend waiting a minimum of 2 weeks in order to give your liver a little bit of a break before introducing anything that could cause more stress on your body. But this way, naturally detoxing your body can not only be healthy but can also help improve and reduce your chronic symptoms.

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  • What about coffee enema’s? Are they a good or bad idea while on the leaky gut diet?

  • Karen Brimeyer

    Coffee enema’s can be great.

  • Good sensible article. If you target the liver too aggresively without reasonable overall health, particularly bowel health you’ll just get a toxic dump, something I learned from too much milk thistle!

    Enema’s seem great though, clear water or coffee. I assume this is more of an ‘assist’ than an aggresive detox measure?

  • Dear Karen,
    I wish I had known and understood this earlier, it would have spared me some scary days and weeks. A wonderful doctor in Malaga helped me recover and I am fine now, but one really cannot overemphasize the importance of this message – especially when you have a chronic disease like cancer.
    I am now on a scheme with daily coffee enemas and regular liver cleanses. Great.
    Love, Sabine

  • Dear Karen,
    How about liver cleanses? are these helpful? do we have to do a colon hydrotherapy before and after a liver cleanse?
    Thank you,

  • Karen Brimeyer

    Cleanses can be helpful but only the right ones at the right times. And I don’t typically recommend colon hydrotherapy. It can stir up a lot of toxins for you to reabsorb if you’re not careful.

  • Hi Karen,

    My issue is I have a congested liver/gallbladder and dybiosis brought on by taking the antibiotic cipro, putting me in a CFS state. My bile flow is minimal, digestion is a mess with steady upper abdominal pain. I wanted to note that I take oral bioidentical hormone replacement therapy due to early in life hysterectomy. Ovaries were taken, so I need to take them.

    Where would you start to correct the issues? I am sensitive to supplements and herbs, even though better than before.

    Thank you,

  • Karen Brimeyer

    I always recommend starting with diet, especially with any liver congestion.


  • What do you think of the Metagenics Ultra Clear Detox program (or similar)?
    They are supposed to support your liver and help detoxification.

  • Karen Brimeyer

    I have not had good luck with it. I have used it personally and had very negative reactions to it which I suspect was from the processed rice protein. And I have had others react similarly.

  • Dear Karen, I was put on antibiotics early last year and after I came off of them was when my leaky gut started. I have never been to the doctor with this, after all his meds caused it in the first place. I have taken antibiotics before and never had this problem. Why now? And I will not ever take them again. Karen I am a 66 yr old male in pretty good shape except for a little over weight and this leaky gut. I am on a fixed income, but I want to order your program when I can. Any advice will be appreciated and thank you for helping all of us that are being plagued with this dreadful condition. Thank you, Bernard

  • Have you heard of a program called SAM or “peptide”? The SAM stands for “Specially sequenced amino acid” injections. Apparently this is a program in Europe used to treat things like leaky gut. The SAMs block receptors (primarily in T lymphocytes) that mediate an undesired allergic, auto-immune or inflammatory response. AsT lymphocytes are constantly being produced, these injections need to be repeated every three to four weeks (usually for 12-15 months).

  • Anytime you block an immune response, you are effectively suppressing your immune system which is not a good thing to do. This leaves you susceptible to all kinds of other problems. The key is not to suppress the immune system but to regulate it properly so that it stops over-reacting.

  • Hi Karen,

    Yes in the past I have tried liver detox but its sends me into bad headaches and brain fog, and nausea

    So I agree to be kind to our liver

  • Any suggestions for someone with severe constipation? I have taken every rex, physilliu
    Slippery elm, coffee enemas, etc. I am trying to detox but I know if I am not having proper elimination, it won’t work. Any suggestion would be great.

  • Is there any supplements you recommend taking for liver support to help it to function better? or just diet and good bowel movements?what if liver does not process fats properly or produce enough bile, etc…

  • Shannon Lindsey

    This was a really interesting read.I have severe food intolerances that actually got worse after i did a fast with coworkers. The second year i did the fast i got even sicker. That was over a year ago i recently took ablood test that revealed all my food and chemical intolerances. Very interesting read. Exactly what happened to me.

  • I couldn’t agree more with this article. I have horrendous reactions every time I try to detox. True nightmare scenarios from detoxing!

    I’ve started taking aloe vera juice to gently clean the colon and to help it heal. Not sure if you recommend this – haven’t read all your materials yet. What do you think of this?

    Also, what do you think of a liver flush with olive oil and lemon juice? Does this also make things worse? Haven’t tried it because of my previous negative history with detoxing. I regularly take milk thistle and special methyl B vitamins to support the detox pathways, as I have a genetic issue with my methylation pathways.

    Thanks for your very responsible and grounded approach. It’s very much needed.

  • Karen,
    I passed thousands of tiny stones on my last liver cleanse with olive oil and grapefruit. felt better afterward. I do these every six months. I have also done coffee enemas a couple of times. Which one is better for liver congestion? Are the probiotics wiped out when cleanses are done? thanks for the article.

  • danielle brigandi

    are glutamine supplements good for leaky gut?

  • Totally agree, I have become so sensitive, that good food is the only thing I don’t react to. I have had awful reactions in the past with herbs ! I got so much worse !!!!

  • Hi Bernard,

    I know I’m NOT Karen, but as she always tells people here — start with your diet. She gives free suggestions on a lot of her blogs and videos. Eliminate gluten, dairy, soy and by all means eat organic. That should be enough to keep you busy until you can afford Karen’s program! Best of luck to you!

  • Hi Karen-

    What about saunas, which I’ve heard cause the release toxins through the skin during sweating, and bypass the liver?



  • Karen Brimeyer

    Saunas can be beneficial, but more for the red light. You don’t want to sit too long as the heat can cause stress on the body.

  • Hi, Karen,

    The magnesium that you suggested in your program has helped so much with elimination. I use the Natural Calm drink and find it very soothing to take in the evening, and it works so well the next day. Energy levels have improved for sure. Thanks.

  • Hi Karen,

    I’ve tried to take a teaspoon of coconut oil for my candida and leaky gut syndrome and immediately I started feeling uneasy in my stomach. I got extremely tired, drained, my muscles were so heavy I had to lie down and I fell asleep in the middle of a day. The same reaction I had with hemp seed oil. Other oils don’t bother me. Do you know why that can be? I don’t think it was candida die-off, it was just too fast and debilitating.

    Thank you.

  • Hello what Natural Calm drink did you take? & for What? if you don`t mind me asking? Thank you:-)

  • Hi, Carlos,

    I take a supplement called Natural Calm and it’s put out by Natural Vitality. This one is Raspberry-Lemon Flavor and it’s a powder that you mix into hot water. I take it in the evenings and sip it like a tea. You might have to experiment with the dosage. I started out slow (less than a teaspoon) to see how it would react (it can give you gas/diarrhea if you take too much) but now can take 2 teaspoons if needed. I use it for constipation mainly, but it’s also a de-stressor. My doctor had told me my magnesium levels were low, and he was concerned because magnesium is vital for the body. So this works really well for me and it’s relaxing to drink. There’s a website called http://www.naturalvitality.com that you may want to check out, but I order mine from swanson vitamins for around $25 for the 16 oz. They have 8 oz., too. Hope this helps.

  • How about foot & lazer detoxing done at an alternative health clinic. Is this hard on the liver also?

  • Karen Brimeyer

    It really depends on how they are being used. But the article is more referencing dietary detoxes.

  • how about Detoxing with a FAR Sauna ?

  • I have chronic Lyme and coinfections. How do I know how much to detox? Plus leaky gut and parasites

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