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    How Exercise Affects Your Gut Health

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    If you’re suffering from any sort of health issue, Leaky Gut Syndrome or other, then you have no excuse not to exercise. But we’ve become such a sedentary society that the only time that most of us are not sitting is when you’re walking to and from your car.

    Yes, we sit in front of the TV. We sit in front of the computer. We sit at the table…

    And most people who go to the gym sit down on the gym equipment!

    All that sitting has a negative effect on your digestion.

    How Exercise Effects Your Gut Health

    Few people stop to consider that exercise has a much bigger impact on your gut health then you might realize.

    Below I’m going to cover just a few of the effects that exercise can have on your digestive health.

    Exercise Improves Constipation

    Weight bearing exercise has been shown to be a necessity for you to properly eliminate your bowels. When you perform weight bearing exercise on your feet, your abdominals are forced to stabilize your spine which creates pressure within your abdominal cavity.

    And it’s this abdominal pressure that is responsible for simulating many of your internal organs to help you move the food you eat through your digestive tract. So without the right kind of exercise, you can easily become constipated!

    Exercise Balances Blood Sugar and Hormone Production

    You might not realize it but this is something that I stress in my Leaky Gut Cure program. You absolutely must balance your blood sugar if you want to heal.

    This is because your blood sugar has such a drastic effect on your stress hormones and the production of cortisol in your body. And over-production of cortisol will turn off your body’s natural ability to heal, your gut included.

    Exercise alone has been shown to help balance blood sugar and other hormones within the body.

    And it’s a great way to accelerate the positive effects that you’re already getting from your diet.

    Exercise Improves Liver Function

    We’ve discussed in the past that whenever the gut is impaired, then the liver becomes dysfunctional. And exercise can also help take some of the stress off the liver and to help it detoxify more efficiently.

    For starters, exercise can help get blood moving throughout your body and to your liver more efficiently.

    But aside from blood flow, your skin is actually one of your most important detoxification pathways in the body. So by working up a sweat, you are helping your body to eliminate toxins which can help take some stress off your liver.

    Exercise Boosts Immune Function

    Science is really only beginning to scratch the surface of understanding the complexity of the immune system because there are many different components involved.

    But there have been plenty of studies on the direct effect of exercise and immune function. And it has been proven time and time again that moderate exercise can significantly improve your immune function and decrease inflammation within your body.

    But the body is so complex in nature that these 4 simplified examples of how exercise can have a positive effect on gut healing is really just a small snapshot of what is really happening within your body when you exercise.

    The key is to make sure that you’re taking advantage of the benefits of exercise because it’s not only a major contributing factor to your overall health but it can literally help accelerate the gut healing process.

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  • Just don’t overexercise when you are trying to heal. I did that, and it was definitely detrimental.

  • Kindly tell me that stress affects the gut or the weak gut produces stress.I am hypothyroid after rai tretment .Please answer me Karen.Plzzzz

  • Both occur. Stress lowers immunity and sIgA production and disrupts cell metabolism which contributes to the breakdown of the gut lining. And when leaky gut is present, it increases inflammation and stress as well.

  • Just the push I needed. Off to the gym tomorrow.

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