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    Too Many Chiefs and Not Enough Indians

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    When it comes to my personal practice, one reason that I believe I have had such high success is because of accountability. When working one-on-one with clients, they tend to be much more accountable because they have to either look me in the eyes or tell me over a phone consultation that they haven’t been sticking with their personalized program for one excuse or another.

    And the shear fact of being held accountable and not wanting to disappoint is enough to keep most of my clients on the straight and narrow.

    But since creating my Leaky Gut Cure program and bringing it online to reach even more of those who suffer from Leaky Gut Syndrome, I’m now noticing two new categories of people that are coming out of the woodwork which are lacking in the accountability department.

    I like to call them… Those who can’t be Indians and those who have too many Chiefs.

    I’m beginning to believe that this is in large part due to the undervaluing of my Leaky Gut Cure program which comes along with the affordability factor. And while my goal was to make the most affordable option to reach and help 10,000 people, I’m beginning to see that not everyone places value on something that’s “affordable”.

    So maybe this is a sign of future change and direction. Only the future will tell.

    But hopefully you do not fall into either one of these categories and even if you do, hopefully this post will speak to you in one way or another.

    So what does this have anything to do with Indians?

    Indian tribes were not democratic. Not everyone got an equal say. But there’s a very good reason why Indian tribes had only one chief who made all decisions for the tribe. And this is because if someone were to question his authority then instead of accomplishing what needed to be done, they would waste all their time debating instead of getting things accomplished. And this was a real and legitimate threat to the survival of the tribe, especially when times were rough.

    And I’ve found that this same and applicable model to be very useful in the health field and here’s why…

    Those Who Can’t Be Indians

    I’ll be the first to admit that it can be difficult to give up control. It’s not always easy to listen to someone else tell us what to do, especially when we think we know what is best.

    But at some point in time, you have to accept the fact that sometimes you’re just going to need some help. And if you can’t guess from the label, this group of people are those who can’t quite seem to give up control and take advice from someone other than themselves and their own research.

    When I get an email from someone in this group, it typically begins with… “I’ve mostly been following your program with some of my own modifications…”

    That’s typically a dead giveaway and I know exactly where the conversation is going.

    Typically the email comes because something isn’t quite working right and they are confused as to why.

    Now I’ve been working with Leaky Gut Syndrome and all kinds of digestive disorders for a long time now, so you can rest assured knowing that everything I included in my program is there for a very good reason. And any deviation from the plan is an accident waiting to happen.

    Those Who Have Too Many Chiefs

    On the other end of the spectrum I’m finding a group of people that have too many Chiefs and not enough Indians.

    These people are typically working with 2 to 3 specialists all at the same time while trying to implement bits and pieces of my program. And they typically end up very confused with little to no results to speak of and email me to ask me what they could possibly be doing wrong.

    And it’s easy to set aside my Leaky Gut Cure program when you’re paying thousands of dollars to specialists who have a much higher perceived value. And I can’t say that I blame you either.

    But the problem here is that there are too many opinions that all think they have the solution and know what is best for you. And this always leads to contradictory treatment plans and more often than not, a lack of sustainable results.


    Pick One Chief and Stick with It

    The entire point of this blog post is to help you understand the importance of appointing one and only one chief when it comes to your health.

    And it doesn’t matter if you choose yourself to be the chief, a medical doctor, a naturopath, me, or any other available option. The best thing you can do for yourself is to stick with one and let it take you as far as it possibly can without selling it short.

    I oftentimes get emails from people who have worked with doctors and naturopaths but who are frustrated with the feeling of a lack of progress. And I’ll tell you the same thing I always tell them…

    First of all, you have to trust the practitioner you are working with. And you need to be very clear in the beginning what the plan is and to give them ample time to implement this plan. If you’re going to invest in someone then you have to follow it through.

    But if you’ve put in the time and effort and you aren’t progressing after some agree upon amount of time then sometimes it’s best to move on and invest your time and resources into someone or something else.

    But don’t make the mistake of investing in your health and not give it your all. If you deviate from the plan and think you know better, then the only person that is accountable when things don’t work out is yourself.

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  • Thanks for that post. What you said about too many chiefs definitely hit home. There’s so much research out there, so many options, and so many “this is THE way to regain your health” messages that it’s hard to discern which chief to follow. With all the inflammatory diseases people are faced with, there’s a desperation to discover what will help, and what will help quickly. I know I have 4 to 5 different sources of information that I’ve been using, and although there are common themes among all of them, there are enough differences that it can lead to lots of frustration. I often find myself alternating between each “flavor” of advice, then wondering why I’m still not healing! It’s a hard pattern to break, too, when you’ve invested money in each option. I like your advice about choosing one and setting a time frame and some goals…however, that’s difficult to do when some sources are online programs or books.

  • Karen, I just love you posts. There is so much truth in it. Thanks!

  • Karen:

    Well said! I think most people that are not getting better fall into this category. Myself included, as If I don’t see fast results I move on to the next best next thing: supplements, doctors, ect.
    Great Post!


  • WOW – you went straight to my heart with this blog. I want a quick fix answer and solution to all my health issues. All my moves didn’t help matters trying to find the right doctor in each State I moved to. I’m on your pathogen cleansing program right now, taking small baby steps and your blogs are helping and encouraging me to trust and obey your program. Yvonne

  • Great post. Your comments are very timely for me. I also appreciate your expertise and the affordability of your program. I have been trying different things for 3-4 years now. Your program is the only one that explains all of the problems I’ve been experiencing. I am convinced that you have the answer to my problem. I’m going to follow your counsel closely.


  • Karen,
    For eight months I researched the web to find a diagnoses for my problem because my doctor was no help. Being a nurse helped me to wade through all the medical information which can be intimidating for a lay person. My research led to your site and considering how bad I felt continuously, I was ready to follow your advice on how to treat my problem. I felt that I had nothing to lose by trying your program so after two or three days I started to feel seventy-five percent better. I have cheated some but it is good that I did. So now I know exactly which foods to absolutely avoid. Most of my symptoms have vanished and I intend on staying on your recommended diet until I feel that my gut inflammation has healed. As you stated, I also find it strange that people will take advice from someone that has no training or experience over someone that is an expert. Now, I refer people that have symptoms similar to mine to your website but I never hear from them again. Guess some people have to learn the hard way or they prefer to suffer with their ailments. Keep doing your good work. Cheers, Ben

  • Karen, thanks for the messages. My daughter has had significant surgeries for several years causing an inability to heal. Since I purchased your book, we follow it pretty tightly. She will introduce one item at a time back into her diet and find the culprits quickly. We, as a family, have totally altered our eating. Her friends tell her that when she is done on the diet they will take her out to eat. She calmly replies that she is not getting off the diet, it is permanent by choice. After more than 3 years of intense problems, I cannot imagine wanting to treat what you suggest as a temporary thing. I have not felt deprived at all. If I want sweets, I pick up an apple. If I am hungry, I snack on humus. Our family does pizza with feta. We can’t feel well if we eat wrong. My daughter has even lent her book to one of her friends and I bought a book to send to another. I am tired of being sick and tired and broke running around looking for doctors to give us more prescriptions to mess us up again! Sticking to the plan is less stressful and more productive.

  • Tell it, Karen! I’ll be the first to admit I have too many chiefs. But, I’m in a much better place than the people who refuse to believe that any of this is true. I’ve forwarded your newsletter to friends who suffer with RA, Fibro, Obesity and a host of other auto-immune issues and they just say “No thanks, I expect my doctor to solve this”…these people have an emotional attachment to food that is so strong that they refuse to accept it’s poisoning them. I hope this nutritional approach finds its way into the mainstream of medical care. The only influence I seem to have is the ability to do it myself and be an example (to my doctors). Your efforts are admirable and even though I’m not the best indian, I believe in what you’re doing. I hope you won’t get too discouraged by the people who are trying to chart their own path. That’s what led them to you, and eventually, they’ll come around 🙂

  • I agree with the too many chiefs scenario. I too was tempted to go down rabbit trails, because I also had isued with Candida. But I was so impressed with the results that I got with the Leacky Gut Cure, I resisted the temptation and stayed on track. Also My biofeedback professional confirmed that if I could get my gut healthy all the other issues I was having would probably go away as well.

    AND that is the problem – there are many “good” products out there but they are not tied to any qualitiative or quantitative program, they are like hit or miss “Yeah, I am taking this great product, but I dont know how much or for how long.????

    I really cant thank you enough Karen – because I really need this program but I could not have afforded it if it was not for you. I evaluate your program not your cost. I have a couple of health professional who work with my health and your program is a dynamic combination of all the therapies used. From the muscle testing for allelrgies, (Do you know how much it would cost me to have my wholistic doctor perform this on me) to the step by step daily walk through. I could not believe I was getting all this for the price you offered. You are truly a give from God to bring me back to health.


  • Yeah, this is a major problem, no patience, people expect the magic bullet and a quick cure, but welcome to the real world, the gut isn’t so easy to heal and cure, time and patience and sticking to one treatment plan! and giving it a chance! nothings going to change in a day or week, good point Karen!

  • I agree with you completely. It is especially hard to stick to the plan when by the time we “get to you” many, many people have been suffering for so long and just want (quick) results. I am so, so grateful to you for what you have provided. I also was battling Candida and having depleted Adrenal Glands. Slowly but surely, after following your program pretty damn close to a tee, I was getting consistent results. We have to remember it probably took A LONG time for our bodies to get so screwed up, so it’s going to take time to get them back to whole. I have seen steady, solid progress on your plan. Even though the holidays derailed me a little, they served to prove I HAVE to make the right choices to keep healing. And I will. Thank you for your program, it has changed my life.

  • You are so correct in your post. Today is Day 99 on the Leaky Gut Diet. I have visited many gastroenterologist (who all seem to know nothing of nutrition), took a gut antibiotic and probiotic prescribed by one of the gastroenterologist ($2,600 was my out-of-pocket expense for two weeks of meds that did nothing), have searched the Internet for five years for any kind of help for five years of chronic diarrhea, lost down to 99 lbs. on my 5′ 9″ frame (looked like a cadaver), and been on so many “cure” diets you would not believe it. My Internal Medicine doctor has tried several drugs, including a cholesterol drug with constipation side effects (that did not work and was very expensive). I was at my gynecologist’s office for my annual visit and remarked to her, “I guess the medical profession is just going to let me die.” She questioned me and I explained that I have had five years of diarrhea following too much laxative prep for a colonoscropy. I have basically had prep night for five years. She directed me to your website and the Leaky Gut Diet. It is actually a “clean” diet and seems to be working with the exception of the stress factor. I have faithfully adhered to the diet and will continue to do so. It is not easy. I, too, would like to have an ice cream, a slice or two of pizza, a piece of carrot cake, etc. but also want to be healed even more than any other desire. People have asked me what my diet consists of and when I tell them, they want no part of it. I have also heard, “I mostly eat like that now.” Duh! Either you DO or you DON’T. (kind of like being a little pregnant). It is mind boggling how many people have leaky gut and how many people need to be on the Leaky Gut Diet. Thank you for all your help for those of us who are serious and do adhere to the diet . . . strictly. I tell the naysayers, “When you get sick enough or fat enough, then you will be ready to get serious about this diet.
    Again, thank you for doing what physicians seem to know nothing about.

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