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    5 Tell Tale Signs of Dysbiosis and Leaky Gut

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    dysbiosisDysbiosis is a condition that occurs when there is an imbalance between good bacteria and bad bacteria in the gut. With today’s Standard American Diet (SAD) full of processed foods and sugar, it is more prevalent than ever. Most people shrug it and it’s symptoms off as nothing serious. But if it not attended to it can quickly develop into a much more serious problem called Leaky Gut Syndrome.

    If you are suffering from any of the leaky gut symptoms below, then you are knowingly or unknowingly suffering from a dysbiosis within your digestive tract. It is in your best interest to start the Leaky Gut Cure program before it gets any worse.

    1. Belching, Gas, and/or Bloating

    If you inflate like a balloon shortly after eating then you have a dysbiosis. Those harmful bacteria in your gut are feeding on your meal and producing gas as an unpleasant byproduct. This gas first starts to bloat your digestive organs until it eventually finds one of two ways to escape. You might get lucky if this gas results in a belch. But gas typically follows the direction of the digestive tract where it escapes as loud and/or foul smelling gas. These are also often the initial signs of the development of leaky gut.

    2. Constipation and/or Diarrhea

    You probably don’t realize it but the bulk of your stool is actually made up of live and dead bacteria from your digestive tract. If you are constipated then that is typically a sign that you lack enough beneficial bacteria or that yeast, fungi, or Candida has taken over. Diarrhea on the other hand is typically a sign that your body is trying to remove harmful bacteria or parasites in a hurry. Often times this is a losing battle. Either way, both conditions are a result of dysbiosis.

    3. Indigestion, Heartburn, and GERD

    Often thought of as a problem of excess stomach acid, indigestion is typically a result of the opposite. It is low stomach acid that almost always leads to indigestion, heartburn, and GERD. This impairs your ability to digest your food properly and is another major contributor to leaky gut. And if you suffer from stomach ulcers, studies show that this is almost always a result of a bacterial infection known as Helicobacter Pylori.

    4. Undigested Food in Stool

    If you can recognize the foods you eat in your stool then it is pretty obvious that you are not digesting your food properly. And if you aren’t digesting it then all those harmful bacteria, parasites, and yeast are. This drives your dysbiosis as it is a very common reason why these pathogens survive and thrive in your gut.

    dysbiosis5. Fatigue

    These harmful bacteria and pathogens create toxic byproducts that your body must absorb and properly process which leads to an immune response. In many cases of gut dysfunction, as with leaky gut, this also causes a buildup of inflammation that often times finds its way to the brain. As a result, your body is busy using your energy for immune purposes and is less interested in providing you energy to help get you through your day.

    Fixing the Underlying Problem of Dysbiosis

    If you want relief from your dysbiosis symptoms, then you must clear the underlying problem. If you stop feeding it, then it can’t survive. If you do continue to feed it then it won’t be long before it develops into something more severe and debilitating like leaky gut syndrome.

    The first thing you need to do is get sugar out of your diet to starve off the harmful bacteria, parasites, yeast, and fungi. You also want to feed the beneficial bacteria by adopting a diet for leaky gut and concentrate on eating whole foods and lots of vegetables. The vegetable fiber is what the beneficial bacteria need to survive.

    The Most Effective Method to Correct Dysbiosis

    The most effective way to clear dysbiosis with long term success is by using a holistic approach to healing leaky gut and attack it from all angles. But nevertheless it is important to clear the problem before it gets any worse. It is never too early or too late to start a proper leaky gut treatment protocol and end your dysbiosis and suffering now.

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  • do you have to stop grains and starch to rid dybiosis, or can you just cut it down to a minimum. i am dealing with strep overgrowth

  • Karen Brimeyer

    It really depends on a lot of things such as whether or not there’s a parasitic infection. But in most cases, removing grains can help tremendously.

  • I have post antibiotic diarreaha. I haven’t taken an antibiotic for over 15 yrs, but I recently had a severe sinus infection. I was given flagyl, but I am afraid to take it. My system has been severely disrupted. I’m really scared because I am 62 yrs old, but I have always been very aware of my health, and I exercise and eat proper foods. I have tried Floastor, but it has not stopped the problem (except for the blood and temperature which has abated).

  • Flagyl most likely isn’t going to solve your problem. You need to reintroduce some beneficial bacteria. Oftentimes, some high quality yogurt can do the trick or a good quality probiotic.

  • I think I have Leaky Gut or Candida or Dysbiosis???? I put the Question marks because I don’t really know. My only symptom is Brain Fog, Cloudy Mind. I’m not tired or depressed.It has been 6 months now. Is there a way to find out if this is the cause?
    Is there a test to ask for?

  • There are stool tests that can be done to see if there is a dysbiosis or pathogenic infection. The two I recommend are the 401H by Biohealth Diagnostics or the GI Effects by Metametrix.

  • I have been told so many things about my health, one was leaky gut but no one told me what to do about it. I have depression, anxiety attacks , can not loose weight. I do not absorb food or medications like you should. I have a very bad problem with Candida and everyone gives me meds and it will be gone maybe a week and I have it again. Please help me.

  • I think I have leaky gut syndrome but I’m not sure…. I get bloated and I smell like fecal mater… Are these normal symptoms for this condition?

  • Karen Brimeyer

    They are some of the many associated symptoms. Keep in mind that there are many pathways of dysfunction in the body and not everyone develops the same symptoms.

  • @ Joyce…this sound like my problems! How do i find the correct diagnosis and treatment?

  • I am with both of you….I have the same thing and it is amping up as time goes on.

  • @ karen brimeyer, how would i get rid of the leaky gut symptoms, such as candida, anxiety, depression, can seem to lose weight and bad guts?

  • Hello,

    I recently discovered I have leaky gut after going through a six month battle from being diagnosed with hypothyroidsim, heart faliure, kidney problems, liver problems and the list goes on. None of the treatment helped me, it only made it worse until one day I decided to get bacteria test and surly enough, I have overgrowth of bad bacteria! I gained 20 pounds in the first week and a half and it has stayed on since. I use to be 118 to 120 but now I am 140-152! It manages to change, but I noticed it all comes down to the food I eat. Since I’ve been trying to nourish my body with gut healing foods, I found that ALOT of roughage from vegetables helps and oatmeal. What other fiberous foods should I be eating and avoiding?

  • And by the way the weight is all a toxic water build up I’ve been advised by doctors.

  • Hi Karen, one symptom I have had since this started in April 2012 after a nasty bout of diarahea from a stomach virus is throbbing pain on my left hand side just under my hip,mostly in the front and sometimes in the back. The pain has been one of my main symptoms, I gather it’s were the damage has occurred. Other symptoms I have had: inbalance, foggy head, muscle aches, feeling like water drops on skin, itchy head, swollen red eye lids…… alot of these symptoms are subsiding now but that dull ache is slowing subsiding also. I start to feel better then I cheat too early on my eating plan…. I feel very disappointed when I cheat with a cake or icecream and these are 2 foods which gave me bad reactions especially ice cream. I seem to be able to tolerate it abit better now, but I know I should eliminate for quite a few more months.

  • I’ve been constipated since I started on thyroid hormone, ( 3 years ago). Prior to that I was “regular” 1-2 times a day, never “stinky”. Now my BM’s smell bad and so do I.
    I don’t have gas, burping or heartburn though. I do take digestive enzymes and HCI with meals.

    I’ve been Paleo since 08/2012, so no sugar, grains or dairy. No alcohol.

    Do you think I could have leaky gut?


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