Leaky Gut Syndrome Natural Health Advice for Healing Leaky Gut Syndrome
  • Leaky Gut Diet – 6 Tips To Kickstart The Healing Process

    Are you confused about what foods to eat on a leaky gut diet?

    Are you bombarded with too much diet information that you don’t know what to do?

    Does it not matter what you eat, you still suffer from the effects of Leaky Gut Syndrome?

    Odds are you need a complete diet overhaul.

    Whether you love to stay in and cook or go out to your favorite restaurant, I’ll help you with what you should be eating to overcome leaky gut. But if you do like to enjoy a restaurant or two, you’ll want to check out my leaky gut restaurant tips so that you can eat out without having to worry about the negative effects of eating what is on your fork.

    So let’s get to it and look at 6 great leaky gut diet tips that you can start using today to start getting relief from your symptoms.

    1. Stick to a Diet of Whole Foods

    Your diet should consist primarily of fresh meat and vegetables with the addition of limited whole grains, nuts, seeds, and fresh fruits. Animal protein is a must. Stay away from processed and packaged foods that contain lots of fillers and hidden ingredients that may be driving your symptoms or conditions.

    2. Adjust Your Food Ratios

    We are all genetically and ethnically different. Some of us do better with higher protein and others with higher carbohydrates in our diet. Some do best with an equal balance. You want to find your optimal food ratio. Don’t worry, it sounds harder than it really is.

    Start by testing both ends of the spectrum. Start with a meal of primarily meat and less vegetables. How did you feel afterwards? Then on the next day, try a meal with mostly vegetables, some meat, and a small amount of grains. How did you feel afterwards? Take the food ratio that you felt best with and then fine tune it from there. After you fine tune, you now have your proper food ratios that you should stick for all the meals.

    3. Cook Your Veggies

    When dealing with intestinal permeability, your digestion is impaired and raw uncooked vegetables can be hard to digest. It is best to cook them thoroughly to help assist your body to properly digest them. In fact, a good leaky gut diet should focus primarily on foods that are easy to digest.

    4. Stay Away From Common Food Allergies

    If you suffer from intestinal permeability, then you also suffer from food allergies. They both go hand in hand and are one of the most commonly overlooked Leaky Gut Syndrome treatment steps. You want to stay away from these foods and other foods that contain them. Often times, avoiding these foods alone is enough to alleviate many of your chronic symptoms. Your diet should be designed to eliminate these common food allergies so that you can properly heal and won’t have to avoid them forever.

    Just a Few Common Leaky Gut Diet Food Allergies

    1. Gluten found in wheat, rye, and barley
    2. Milk products found in milk and cheese
    3. Soy found in Tofu, vegetable oil, salad dressings, etc
    4. Sugar found in most processed foods

    But your food allergies are not limited to these items alone. You typically become allergic to many of the foods you commonly eat. Determining your food allergies is easy with the Leaky Gut Cure program I have put together.

    5. Cut Out the Baked Goods, Cookies, and Pastries

    These products are often made entirely of white flour and sugar. These are two ingredients that are found on the list above and should be avoided. They contain no nutritional value and actually strip your body of much needed nutrients. But don’t worry though, there are many great natural and healthy desert recipes that are allowed and encouraged.

    6. Switch Over to Natural Sea Salt

    All of the studies that show the adverse affects of salt were done on toxic and processed white table salt. But you’re not going to use that stuff on your leaky gut diet. Sodium chloride (salt) is a very important element required for your body to function properly.

    A good quality Natural Sea Salt has natural trace minerals and is in the form that your body can use best. It is not bleached nor does it contain any toxic anti-caking agents. Throw out your fake and processed salts (ie Morton’s). New Zealand Pacific or Celtic Sea Salts are a great choice. If you have any question about your sea salt, you’ll know you have the right stuff because it won’t be white. Instead it will have pigment like gray or pink.

    These simple yet great diet tips alone can take you a long way in getting relief from your chronic symptoms. This is because diet is the foundation of health. That is the primary factor as to why my holistic approach to healing gets such amazing long term success.

    My program is designed to optimize your leaky gut diet to take your results to the next level and get rid of your symptoms and conditions for good.


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  • Eileen Stanton

    Hi Karen,
    Do you think it is a good or bad idea for me to get on a farmers list and use raw.dairy products, I have heard that they have more vitamins and minerals than pasteurized dairy.

    Please let me know what you think.



  • Karen Brimeyer

    Raw milk is a better option and easier to digest for most. However, it does contain more bacteria, which can be problematic for some. So the best thing to do is try it and see how you do.

  • Hi Karen I am assuming I have a leaky gut when I wake up in the morning I have tremors I used to take a lot. Of antibiotics and Advil also I am a smoker is my body having withdraws for taking these pills in the past .when I wake up or after I eat I feel like the food is logged in my throat feels like it’s coming back up ,feels like toxin ,is it a leaky gut or is it stress or anxiety ,please help I’ve been like since May thanks Karen .

  • I’m not saying that it’s not involved, but you might also want to have your thyroid checked because some of your symptoms (including difficulty swallowing) might indicate a problem there.

  • Karen,
    I am struggling with rashes on my face and redness. Symptoms similar to Roacea. I have redness over my cheeks and nose. I have no other symptoms. I am regular and my digestion is fine. No sleep or anxiety. No yeast infections. Do you think I could have leaky gut? Please help I am really struggling with this.

  • In the last six weeks I have been to 8 doctors i have been on antibiotics for more than 3 weeks. I have had extensive blood test. It is not bacterial or viral. I have had arthitis since i was 47 and i have 2 sisters with auto immune disorders. One has Sjogrens one has Graves. I have fatigue and stomach pain. Although, I have always thought of myself as a healthy eater, Im organic. Could I possibly have leaky gut leading to an auto immune disorder?

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