Leaky Gut Syndrome Natural Health Advice for Healing Leaky Gut Syndrome
  • May
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    The question of Leaky Gut and Candida comes up quite a bit in both my personal practice and from my online readers.

    Sufferers want to know if Leaky Gut and Candida are somehow related and which one causes the other.

    The truth is that the two are oftentimes related and go hand in hand but they are two entirely different issues to begin with. And either one can easily lead to the other.

    You see, Candida refers to the overgrowth of a specific species of yeast within the digestive tract which if left untreated can and will continue to create intestinal inflammation and dysbiosis that leads to Leaky Gut Syndrome.

    But the opposite can be true as well. With the onset of Leaky Gut Syndrome and corresponding imbalance of gut flora, your digestive tract can become prime breeding ground for Candida and other invasive organisms.

    In either case, it’s always related to the imbalance of gut flora within the digestive tract.

    Candida – The Opportunistic Organism

    Most people don’t realize this but Candida is naturally present in your gut. We all have it. In fact, we couldn’t survive without it.

    If this is true then why does it cause so many problems for so many people?

    The truth is that Candida is what is called an opportunistic organism. In a healthy gut, it lives under control and balance with the beneficial bacteria within your digestive tract.

    The problem however occurs when the natural balance of yeast and bacteria within the gut is disrupted which is typically the result of a loss of beneficial bacteria. And when there is no beneficial bacteria left to police and balance the Candida, then a dysbiosis develops and the Candida is given the opportunity to overgrow and take over which is when the problems begin to occur.

    There are many reasons as to why Candida is given the opportunity to overgrow. Most commonly it’s related to one or more of the follow…

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