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    3 Common Mistakes Holding Your Gut Back From Healing

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    I get plenty of emails and even work with some clients who seem to be doing everything right but they still struggle to get the results they want. And when this happens, you always have to dig a little deeper to figure out what is going on in their life that is blocking them from healing their Leaky Gut.

    Below, I’ve outlined 3 of the most common mistakes that most people do not take into account which will have a direct effect on your gut’s ability to heal itself.

    So if you’re struggling then take some time to consider these and whether or not they could be a problem for you.

    1. Your Mind and Hormones

    Your mind can be a great tool but unfortunately most people never use it to their advantage. It can play a huge role in the healing process or it can hinder your progress and sabotage your efforts.

    I’m sure you’ve probably heard this before and it’s not new to you, but have you ever stopped to really think about how it all works? Trust me, it’s not all voodoo and make believe. There is some science to it all.

    I would bet that you wouldn’t argue the fact that your hormones have an influence over your health and healing. So wouldn’t it make sense that if your mind can directly influence your hormones then your mind would have a direct influence on your healing as well?

    That’s exactly how it all works.

    Thinking positively helps boost your endorphins and other neurotransmitter hormones. And these hormones have a direct effect on your mood, immune system function, pain tolerance, and food cravings.

    So just by keeping a positive mindset you can help your hormones work to your advantage.

    On the contrary, negative thoughts can impair your immune system and cause you to crave foods that cause inflammation.

    They also stimulate a stress response in the body which triggers the release of the hormone cortisol which suppresses your immune system and slows down your body’s natural healing process.

    2. Hidden Food Allergies

    Hidden food allergies are another very common and serious source of stress on the body. Many people are aware of certain food allergies that they have because they trigger direct or immediate immune responses as evidence of the reaction.

    But what about the foods that trigger low grade inflammation or a delayed reactions?

    Oftentimes, especially with Leaky Gut Syndrome, there are food allergies that are still present but not obvious. And these allergies are still creating enough inflammation in your digestive tract to prevent the intestinal lining from healing.

    And delayed food allergies are another problem.

    There are some immune antibody complexes within the body that don’t come into play until 24 to 36 hours after the problem food is ingested. So even if you do react to these foods it can be nearly impossible to correlate the reaction if it occurs that long after the fact.

    This can make the process of identifying food allergies very difficult and confusion.

    3. Parasites and Other Infections

    The last big problem that I find very often is that there is some sort of underlying infection within the gut that must be removed before the gut can re-balance and heal properly.

    I find this a lot with clients who follow the proper diet, remove all food allergies, and do just about everything right but they still can’t seem to gain control over their digestive tract and symptoms. Or their symptoms improve but come back if they cheat even the slightest bit. And it’s because the infection has all of the control.

    But by taking some action and clearing out these parasites or infections then you can tip the balance back in your favor so that you can regain control again and prevent the infection from returning.

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  • Can you give some tips on how to clear intestinal parasites and gut infections? Also, how do you identify food sensitivities?

  • I cover both of these topics in my program. 🙂

    Leaky Gut Cure

  • Do you cover Candida infestation?

    I’ve just been diagnosed with that!

  • Yes… Candida and other underlying infections are covered in the Pathogen Guide. 🙂

  • What about amalgams? L

  • In extreme cases they can. However I only recommend getting them out once the body is healthy enough to handle it as it can be very difficult on the body.

  • Karen, is there a test to see if one has a leaky gut. I am suffering from irritable bowel and extremely STIFF muscles, tendons, joints, etc… My fatty tissue swells after meals and ALL SYMPTOMS disappear after 3 days of not eating. I have done food elimination diets and a big trigger is STARCH. I have also noticed, though that DAIRY causes some problems but not all the time. I’d like to take a test for leaky gut if there is one. Thanks so much for giving out so much information and so much of your time. It is greatly appreciated.

  • Karen Brimeyer

    Hi Kym,

    There are a couple of tests, which I discuss here: https://www.leakygutcure.com/blog/leaky-gut-test/

  • Karen, can you please recommend a RELIABLE test for H. pylori? I’ve already had one (IgG saliva antibody from Diagnos-Techs) which was negative. Is there a better, more accurate test?

  • Karen Brimeyer

    The best test for H. Pylori is the stool antigen test done by a reputable lab. I recommend and use BioHealth Diagnostics.

  • I agree. Over a year ago I went to a naturopath who tested me for heavy metals,then did IV treatments . I got way worse,actually thought I was dying. I thought then and now we should have worked on my digestive system first since it was also very messed up.

  • What about Frankenwheat, Kym? This could be your starch inflammation trigger….

  • What about SIBO? How to ultimately heal from that and ensure that it doesn’t return.

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