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  • Leaky Gut Test – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Truth

    Are you considering using a leaky gut test to confirm your suspicion that Leaky Gut Syndrome could be the cause of your health problems? If so, you will want to read this before you do.

    I’m going to share with you the different leaky gut test options available. But before I do, there are a few things I would like to share with you first. I would like to give you my clinical experience to help you determine if testing is right for you.

    My Opinion on Leaky Gut Testing

    Do I use lab testing to determine the existence of intestinal permeability? The short answer is, no. This is because it is so prevalent that the majority of people with Leaky Gut symptoms are affected. In fact, I have found that the majority of all chronic symptoms and conditions are at least partially related to an unhealthy gut. This is backed by the fact that all of my clients have benefited from my treatment program.

    Even if you are in the initial stage of development, you will benefit dramatically. You will reverse your condition and build an even stronger gut foundation to help maintain your future health. So in the long run, I have found that the program itself has helped to relieve symptoms and improve the health of most everyone I have worked with.

    There is also the financial consideration. Consider that the cost some labs alone are more than the cost of the program and gut healing supplements combined. It would make more sense to refrain from the labs and save yourself a lot of money.

    But there are lab tests available to determine whether or not you suffer from increased intestinal permeability. There are two commonly accepted tests; the Intestinal Permeability Test and the Intestinal Barrier Function Test.

    Test # 1 – Intestinal Permeability Test

    This is the simpler of the two lab tests. This test works by the client consuming a concoction of 2 non-digestible sugars (Lactulose and Mannitol). A urine sample is then collected and examined to determine the content of the two sugars. In a healthy gut, Mannitol is easily absorbed whereas Lactulose is only slightly absorbed. But when increased intestinal permeability is present, the Lactulose is easily absorbed through the large leaking gap junctions of the intestinal wall.

    This test can be ordered from: Genova Diagnostics (www.genovadiagnostics.com)

    Test # 2 – Intestinal Barrier Function Test

    This is the more comprehensive of the two tests. It works by the analysis of saliva or blood serum sample. It looks specifically at the immune antibody levels to bacteria, yeast, and the most common food intolerant dietary proteins (wheat, corn, soy, cow’s milk, and egg). The levels of the measured antibodies determine what stage of development you are currently in.

    Instead of looking solely at intestinal permeability, it also provides much more detailed information. It looks into the severity of the issues that are driving your condition. It also gives you some insight into some of the common food allergies that you should be removing from your diet.

    This test can be ordered from: BioHealth Diagnostics (www.biodia.com)

    If you think you are dealing with leaky gut or intestinal permeability then odds are you are right. You can do a leaky gut test if you feel the need but the test will really only show you what you already know. I have gotten amazing results (without the use of a leaky gut test) using a holistic approach to healing with my Leaky Gut Cure program.

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