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    Do Food Allergies Go Away?

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    One of the biggest questions I get from my personal clients is whether or not their allergies to certain foods will ever go away or will they have to eat a special diet forever.

    The short answer is NO, you won’t have to eat this way forever. But the long answer does get a little more complicated because not all food allergies are created equal. There are differences between genetic food allergies and intolerances of food allergies that are caused by leaky gut.

    Leaky Gut Food Allergies

    Leaky gut food allergies are immune reactions that you have due to the foods that are actually leaking through your intestinal wall and into your bloodstream where your immune system attacks it. And typically, these are the foods that you eat most often. This is because the more you eat a certain food, the more it leaks into your bloodstream, so the larger the defense that your immune system develops.

    Once you heal your gut, these food allergies tend to disappear because they no longer present a problem to your immune system.

    Genetic Food Allergies and Intolerance

    There are also genetic food allergies and intolerances that can have a significant impact on your immune system, health, and chronic symptoms.

    These food allergies and intolerances you cannot get rid of. Whenever you eat these foods, they will affect you negatively. But the good news is that if you maintain a healthy gut then you will actually minimize the effects of these foods if you ever do “accidentally” eat them once in a while.

    But if you eat them regularly then the damage that they cause will most likely put you right back where you started.

    The Bottom Line

    I got an email from a young lady the other day. I’ll keep her information anonymous but she had a couple of questions related to leaky gut that really prove the very point I want to make.

    She had been treated for leaky gut by a doctor many years back and her health and chronic symptoms disappeared. Then she went back to her normal life. But then, her symptoms began to come back some years later.

    After telling me her story, she said to me, “I thought once you heal leaky gut it never comes back?”

    But after healing her leaky gut, she went right back to the same exact diet and lifestyle that contributed to her leaky gut in the first place. What she didn’t understand was that once you heal leaky gut, you still have to keep your body healthy to keep it from coming back.

    What you have to realize is that you are a product of your diet and lifestyle. Not only do you use the food that you eat for energy but you use the nutrients to replace the cells of your own body. Science has shown that your body completely replaces all of its cells at least once every 7 years. So in a manner of speaking, there is a lot of truth to the saying “You Are What You Eat”.

    So while you can go back to enjoying many of the foods that you were once allergic to after you heal your gut, there may very well be some genetic allergies that you are best to just avoid altogether.

    And many of the common genetic allergies and intolerances are already provided for you in my free reports. And if you want to dive even further into this, then you’ll get all of the information you need in my Leaky Gut Cure program.

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  • Thanks for this, Karen. It’s weird – I’ve been developing sensitivities to various foods since about August, mostly grains (I guess they’re just hard to digest when you have poor intestinal health). It actually started with a rice “allergy” that my allergist was unable to diagnose through any allergy tests, even though the symptoms were obvious and immediate. I only reacted when I ate rice, but not to skin or blood tests.

    The strange thing is, after a few months rice-free, I started experiencing much, much worse issues with wheat. I cut wheat out of my diet, and the change was like night and day – I lost about 30 lbs in 3 months without changing my diet or lifestyle in any other way, and the digestive issues and GERD that have been plaguing me for about 10 years disappeared completely within a couple weeks. My anxiety issues also lessened to the point where I stopped needing to take medication. So now I’m thinking that wheat (possibly gluten – I have a family member with celiac, so I need to get tested) was the cause of my problems all along. I’m hoping that if I keep taking care of myself and supporting my immune system the other food sensitivities will go away eventually. Right now, I’m more or less living on an organic, grain-free, gluten-free, vegetable-heavy diet, and it’s working great. I feel better than I can ever remember feeling. That’s more or less all the motivation I need to never touch wheat again!

  • I have found the Uhe Method incredibly powerful at eliminating or severely reducing food allergy symptoms. I used to be so constipated (with belly pain), even though I ate extremely well and avoided soy, gluten, dairy, corn, legumes etc. because I had become sensitive. Then after doing the Uhe Method, I was able to eat theatre popcorn with no constipation a day or two later! It was amazing. It’s not that I need to eat popcorn daily…maybe three times a year LOL, but it is nice to know I CAN now eat at restaurants and potlucks on occasion without horrible suffering. Thank the stars for the Uhe Method!!!
    Dr. Karen

  • Eric Smith, DO, MPH

    @ Dr. Kan. Is the Uhe Method different than NAET? Is there an avoidance period involved? Do you have to clear each allergy one at a time?

  • Dear Karen,
    Thank you for all your “right-on” work. I have had to heal my own leaky gut and as I went through the material, I just said, “YUP” and “that’s right”, all the way through. You have my
    credibility testiing approval!!!

    I do genetic healing. I can go up the up line to release stress. It affects us the ones in the session but it also affects all of the folks in the downline.

    I would like to know what you know about “genetic allergies”. Maybe we can get them to release.

    mimi@healthyenergetics.c o m

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