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    Win a Free Copy of the Leaky Gut Cure

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    ***This post has been updated with the new dates***

    There is nothing better than working with me in person but the next best thing is to have all of my protocols completely laid out for you to follow step by step. This is exactly what I have done with the Leaky Gut Cure program.

    But I have even better news for you. Today is your one and only chance to win a free copy of the complete Leaky Gut Cure program.

    You’ll get the Leaky Gut Cure Program Manual, the Diet Guide, the 10-Week Step-by-Step Implementation Guide, the Food Intolerance Video, the Metabolic Typing Guide, the Supplement Guide, and Your Guide to Health Hormones.

    Now that is a lot of tools to use at your disposal!

    So how do you win?

    It is simple and easy.

    All you have to do is answer this one question…

    “How would having the Leaky Gut Cure program help you achieve your health goals?”

    But hurry, you only have 48 hours to enter your comments below…the contest ends Friday, January 15th, 2010 at 10pm EST. Winners will be announced by email on Sunday, January 17th, 2010.

    It doesn’t matter if you have minor health struggles or if you have been battling some major chronic symptoms for years, everyone has an equal shot of winning the program.

    I want to hear your story. I’ve already been able to help so many people in my practice and I want to hear what getting the Leaky Gut Cure program would mean to you.

    Just enter your comments below.

    But if you don’t win then don’t worry because starting Sunday, January 10th 2010, at Midnight EST, the Leaky Gut Cure will be available at 50% off the regular price. But it will only be for 3 days so get it before the price goes up.

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    P.S. – Don’t forget you only have 48 hours to enter your comments below…the contest ends Friday, January 15th, 2010 at 10pm EST. Winners will be announced by email on Sunday, January 17th, 2010.

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  • I think geting the leaky gut cure can take off all the troble i got from the indusralization and toxins

  • Sounds very interesting. I need a fix for CFS – will this work??

  • Yes, I have had a lot of success with CFS using the Leaky Gut Cure program. This is actually a big area of scientific study with CFS right now and they are finding that healing the gut is having a big impact on helping CFS.

  • I think it would be interesting to see if there is possibly a solution to avoid the risk of becoming allergic to supplements that aid in the healing of a leaky gut. Everything I read about leaky gut suggest rotating foods every four days to avoid becoming allergic until leaky gut is healed, There is never a mention of this with vitamins and supplements. I have joint pains and without a doubt this is more noticed when I eat certain foods..I believe this is caused by me having leaky gut…

  • Cause more info on the rootcause of all my problems, will get me back in charge of my health again. And that’s about time after 12 years ;-)!!
    The pieces of my puzzle are falling into place and this one is the biggest piece.
    No time for a freaky leaky gut…just time to heal!

    I already purchased the program and it’s really helpful to understand my body and to know what I should or shouldn’t do.
    I’m seeing a naturopath over here, and step by step it’s getting better. With all your info it’s just great to see that I already am on the right track and that I have to keep going with this. I now know that I was right after all…something is wrong on the inside and it’s showing on the outside. It’s just sad I listened to doctors who were pointing me in all directions except the right one.
    I’m glad people like you are spreading the word!
    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  • Good question. It really depends on the supplements you are referring to. Most supplements are already broken down to be readily absorbed be the body. Food on the other hand takes time to digest and absorb which is part of the problem with leaky gut. With that being said, I have seen people react to food based supplements which they are intolerant to from actually eating the food. But I wouldn’t worry about becoming intolerant to most supplements.

    Joint pain and arthritis are two big symptoms of leaky gut. Of course can easily be structural issues as well. But if you are noticing the symptom worsen with certain foods then there is a definite connection. Food rotation is a great tool to alleviate some inflammation but you still have to heal the gut lining.

  • Thanks for the kind words!

    And I want to echo your comment “something is wrong on the inside and it’s showing on the outside”. All symptoms are really just your body’s way of telling you something is wrong. Disease always starts from the inside, no matter what. When the outward signs and symptoms start showing, damage has already been done.

    Stick with the program and you’ll continue to heal and feel better and better every day. Don’t forget to keep me updated on your success.

  • Doing the leaky gut cure could help me overcome food allergies, help chronic inflammation to cease and improve immune function to help prevent worse chronic conditions from developing as I get older…I hope I win:)

  • Tis sad but true,

    my leaky gut got me blue,

    many a times I cried at night,

    early in the morning I feared the light,

    prayer after prayer till my knees be bloody,

    hoping pleading help from somebody,

    no more candies and holiday treats,

    nothing left but veggies to eat,

    my body is weak I’ll soon turn to dust,

    I cannot survive on water and trust,

    then came along this Leaky Gut Cure,

    my heart is pounding there is hope for sure!


  • Beautiful!

  • I’ve been suffering with severe adrenal and hormonal issues since being injected with a steroid shot in July. It compromised my immune system and caused a candida overload…and I very likely have leaky gut caused by the candida too. Brain fog and issues with my eyes and vision are really getting to me. Maybe this book will help me…I’m already doing so much – this might be the missing piece. I wish all of you health and peace in 2010! 🙂

  • Leaky Gut and Candida go hand in hand. Where you find one, you typically find the other. The brain fog and vision problems are very common with both adrenal fatigue and Candida. That’s why its important to deal with it all instead of just trying to tackle one. I think you’d be pleasantly surprised with the program.

    May 2010 be the best year for you yet!

  • Hello Karen,

    I think that your Leaky Gut Program would be a boon to not only my own health – history of IBS and malabsorption issues – but also to the people I work with who are struggling with gut health.
    I wish you much success with the launch of your program!

    Happy Healing,
    Summer W.

  • Hello Karen,
    I purchased the program primarily for my son who suffers from a severe case of leaky gut who has been unable function for over 4 years . ie: disorientation, fatigue, stomach pains the list just goes on. He has gone to a nutritionist who took a bloood sample examined it, recommended some
    suplements without much in the way of positive results. You , however lay out the causes ,symptoms,discription of what is happening to your stomach lining in understandable terms and a program which is concise and comprehensive with a time frame in which you will see results.

    Thanks Jim M.