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    Gluten Intolerance – 1 of My Leaky Gut Secrets

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    I want to talk to you today about a single topic that pretty much revolutionized the success I get with my clients. When I started doing this with my clients, the effects were typically immediate. Not only was I getting better results, I was getting much faster results.

    Sub-Clinical Gluten Intolerance

    Many people are aware of gluten intolerance in the traditional sense of Celiac Disease which is a severe genetic autoimmune condition where gluten (found in wheat, barley, and rye) cannot be properly digested. This results in severe inflammation within the digestive tract that not only causes Leaky Gut Syndrome but also results in severe diarrhea, digestive pain, and fatigue.

    But not many people are aware of a much lesser known problem referred to as Sub-Clinical Gluten Intolerance. The term “sub-clinical” means that there are no obvious signs and symptoms.

    But while there are no obvious signs and symptoms, inflammation is still present but on a lesser scale. But this low grade inflammation can cause damage over years causing Leaky Gut and for your chronic symptoms to occur.

    In fact, there was a large scale medical study run in the US on chronically ill patients that were unresponsive to medical treatments. The researchers believed that there could be a dietary connection and thus used saliva testing for sub-clinical gluten intolerance on several hundred of these patients of which 85% tested positive.

    Many times you can see a common pattern with people who suffer from sub-clinical gluten intolerance. Typically as children they will suffer from allergies, asthma, reoccurring infections, a constant upset stomach, and milk intolerance. Then as they get older their symptoms will subside until they reappear later in life.

    But don’t expect your doctor to diagnose you or to even understand what leaky gut and sub-clinical gluten intolerance really is. This is not widely known yet in the traditional medical community. And unfortunately, most doctors these days are not well educated when it comes to nutrition.

    Gluten Intolerance Treatment

    The only long term treatment for gluten intolerance is to avoid gluten. This is a genetic condition that cannot be healed or fixed so the only real option is avoidance.

    And while avoidance of gluten is key, you will also need to heal your leaky gut in the process to reverse this long term damage so that your symptoms go away.

    Eat This, Not That

    Eat: Rice, corn, millet, quinoa, amaranth, oats (for most people), and buckwheat are all safe to eat.

    Not: Gluten containing foods such as wheat, rye, barley, kamut, spelt, teff, and couscous that are typically found in bread, pasta, bagels, and cereals.

    Bonus Tip

    You can conduct your own test at home by completely removing gluten from your diet for a minimum of 2 weeks (longer is better) noting any improvements in your symptoms. After your gluten-free trial period is over, re-introduce gluten containing foods in large amounts and note all adverse reactions. If any of your symptoms reoccur or worsen, you are likely exhibiting an intolerance to gluten.

    If you find that you are intolerant to gluten and you want to start getting relief immediately then my program will reverse the damage and put an end to your symptoms.

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  • I LOVE this blog! thank you for posting this! I have been avoiding gluten ever since I bought your Leaky Gut Cure.

  • i bought some spelt bread cuz it had no yeast, i didn’t know it had gluten

    yummy bought the search goes on – no gluten or yeast for me



  • The more information available out there helping Celiac’s live gluten free, the better.


  • Gluten is defenitely big problem for civilisation.We werent meant to start using gluten to begin with.My allergy testing tested positive for gluten,not to my surprise.Im beginning now to avoid allergies to heal my leaky gut,which have been giving me tremendous trouble for about 2yrs now.After plenty drs visits,I finally discovered one that knew what was up,Im so thankful.Suspected leaky gut for about a yr,but all the people said that the symptoms was in my head.So glad that I found your website.Thanx a million.Marlene.

  • what about potatoes? they are good tolerate?

  • I see it all the time. Easy for me, I can muscle test someone for gluten intolerance (and can even desensitize them using the Uhe Method). I’d say pain and stiffness in muscle and joints are the most common symptoms aside from gastrointestinal that I see. Also brain fog, addictive behavior would be another. Great article Karen to make people aware of this!
    Karen Kan, MD

  • Great article, Can you recommend a gluten free / yeast free bread? I cannot find one anywhere! Any help much appreciated! Sonia

  • I’ve heard about people cutting out gluten (dairy too) and then once they return it back to their diet, they’ve found that their symptoms are worse when maybe they never had symptoms to begin with. So, now that I am avoiding certain foods, people are warning me that I will “lose” my ability to digest these things. Is that true? Why is it that symptoms worsen when you remove them for a while?

  • Karen Brimeyer

    This has a lot to do with enzyme production. For example, if you cut out dairy you’ll need to introduce it back in very slowly to get enzyme production back up to par.

  • I can’t have any type of grain, or oats. It has given me issues with other food because of leaky gut. I am rotating my food. So far after 5 months I am doing better. But I still have issues staying regular. I am begining to wonder if that will ever correct itself. Gluten intolerance is a real problem. I hope that in the future gluten free products will really be gluten free. Because any type of grain, rice corn, or wheat causes a reaction in 30 minutes or less for me.

  • Karen I tested negative for celiac. Should I still avoid gluten?

  • Yes, there are other concerns including estrogen dominance and sublicinical gluten intolerance.

  • I tried some diary for the first time in two months it was just in a treat of coffee, some milk. I experienced a severe reaction the next day with diarrhoea, it was a good reminder, dairy is not necessary in my diet and I can use other alternatives. Almond milk in my smoothies is fantastic. Since I have found your website and changed my eating no diary no grains, my skin has broken out in excema which I haven’t had since I was a child. Im guessing this is part of the detox, I am in my 14th week of eatings this was. Should I go to the doctor for a creme, or just persevere and let my body naturally detox.

    Thank you so much for the hours of research you have done, it has truly changed my life.

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